How Donald Trump Helped a ‘Brown Wave’ of South Asian Comics to Crash Stand-Up 5/18/19

A loose affiliation of artists of varying ethnicities and religions, brown comedians assembling at the grass-roots level finally have a visible roster of talent to aspire to. 

Smiley Frown Podcast w/ Ross Benoit 11/25/18

One of my favorite things is hearing about comedians having to make it in the big apple. A year ago Bassam was on right before he was about to move. Now, he returns a year later to talk about his move to New York and what the past year has been like. He talks of barking at clubs for spots, the Subway and the crazy situations he has gotten thrown into. Enjoy.


The No Fly List Podcast w/ Atheer Yacoub & Phoebe Barghouty


This week on The No Fly List, we caught up with comedian @BassamShawl, who told us some pretty crazy secrets about Qatar, FIFA, and lobbying in DC under Obama. Plus, we decide which extremist organization The Handmaid's Tale is most likely about. Trust us, we're experts


Bannon is gone at Breitbart, and the internet says good riddance

Twitter Users Gleefully Troll Steve Bannon Over Breitbart Exit